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Test diagnoses are made immediately after each test is performed. The examinee can remain in the pleasant environment of the waiting room and receive them at the same time.

The results of the CT scans are received the next day.

It is important that the examinee brings with him previous imaging tests to compare any findings as well as to check the course of any pathology. In this way, a clearer diagnosis is achieved, which also leads to better treatment and treatment.

There are no drugs that affect the imaging result, however, for any questions of the examinee, our secretariat and staff are at your disposal for further clarifications.

Mammography screening should start from the age of 38 and should be done every year.

Vaginal ultrasound should be done every year as part of a routine gynecological examination.

It is performed by a medical radiologist as well as a gynecologist.

We perform x-rays and ultrasounds at home

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